Theme Park is always sweet, mostly because it always reminds me of Dunia Fantasia (Dufan) in Jakarta where I always long to go when I was a little kid.

Everland is a theme park at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province. It is the largest theme park in South Korea. You can reach Everland through a cab, a private car or a bus.

I took the bus to Everland from Gangnam Station, there was a big LINE shop and the bus stop is nearby, you could easily spot people queuing there. Wait for Bus 5002. The fare was 2,100KRW for one way only with 45mins to 1 hour travel time. When you reach Everland bus terminal, walk to your left or just follow the crowd to board the shuttle going to Everland Theme Park for free.



Everland is beautiful, as far as I can remember it was fully bloomed 7 years ago when I went there for the first time. That time I went to Everland with 2 of my girlfriend, when I saw a colorful tulip  I remember of my Mother as she loves flowers, secretly hope one day I could save enough to bring her here.

So this trip kind of a realization of my wish 7 years ago, well wish do come true when we wish it enough, isn’t it? When I saw her so happy to see the flower, and I just grateful that I could spend time with her. I hope many of this kind of trip will happen in the future .

I met with my twin, we use the same jacket , such a coincidence and we also met again with another 2 fellow Indonesian that we met in Jeju, these are another thing that I love about travel, you met kind people along the way and they leave their footprints in your life.


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