Nami Islands


Did you know that there is a state inside South Korea, called Naminara Republic? Its welI  know as a Nami Island . If you want to have a one-day trip to the beautiful place not far from Seoul, then Nami island would be a perfect choice. Situated on the Northern inflow of Han river, 4 kilometers in diameter, this island has astonishing landscapes and multitude of entertaining activities . There is, however, a micro self-declared Naminara nation on the island since 2006, that’s why you’re required to have “visa” issued by Naminara in order to enter the island. It has invented its own passport, currency, telephone card and stamps, so you can send a postcard from Naminara Republic to another country.

How to go to Nami Islands : 


> Get a round-trip ticket from Yongsan (용산) – subway line #1 –  to Gapyong (online reservation through; only possible with Korean domestic credit card) and back on ITX-Cheongchun train = 8,000 Won. Don’t forget your passport and printed out confirmation of the ticket reservation, when you go to Yongsan station for tickets. The one-way train trip will take less than an hour.

>You need to take a bus (=1050 Won) or a taxi  (= 3,600 Won)  from Gapyong station to ferry departure point. If you’re travelling in a group of more than 2 people, the taxi is more preferable.

>You will need a  “visa” to visit Naminara Republic, which will cost you 8,000 Won, if you’re a foreigner (10,000 Won). This visa includes the price of round trip ferry fare. After 5 minutes on ferry you will land on the amazingly green island

2. I took the second option, a shuttle bus, provided by the Nami Island , so easy, you just need to hop on to the bus ( the pickup point is Myeongdong ) and sit down for 2.5 hours, and you will be there. More info here:

Nami Island is small little island which you could explore by walk, however, do take a bike ride or cho cho train and you could enjoy it with different perspectives.



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