Seoul Highlights – Part 2

4. MURAL Village in IhwaDong

 I stumbled upon Mural Village when I was doing my research about the touristy thing but not so touristy ( means if you are local you will still go to this place).
Mural Village is a residential area with many beautiful paintings and sculptures scattered around the village, all of which were create by “Art in the City” project.
The place is similar to Tricky Museum (lighter version) however it is an outdoor version.
Founding the place is not difficult, it is just at the back of Naksan Park.
Remember to check the weather and bring a water bottle, there is a lot of stairs, quite steep and many to explore.
Admission: Free


5.  Nanta Show

Cookin’ Nanta Show is entertaining and funny, it’s 100 minutes show filled with comedic acts, real cooking at some scenes and dancing/drum playing. The show is full of energy, and its entertaining.

I went to their theatre in Myeongdong, its located at the same building with Olive Young, just their entrance is at the other side of Olive and Young.

Address: Tickets  : normally cost KRW 40,000 per person, but you can get them at a significant discount through online booking. I bought it using HAB:  and it cost me 27,000KRW

Kimchi 😍

6. Shopping in Myeongdong

Seoul is a paradise for a shopaholic, especially for Korean Skincare! You could find cosmetic shops at every corner of the street, and you could ask to get more free products/ sample with the shop assistant.

My favorite place to do cosmetic shopping:

  • Olive and Young
    They provide mainstream beauty brands which are within the lower price range.  Each store varies from one to the other and provides a diverse range of cosmetic brands so be sure to drop by every store.
    It similar like Watsons/ Guardian in Singapore, They offer skincare and cosmetic brands such as Clio’s, Pony’s Effect, Colorgram, Luna, and many more. One of the biggest stores is located at Ewha Women’s University, with a multilevel store in Myeong-Dong. The other good point is they offer single sheet masks for purchase instead of the 10 sheet pack.
  • Aritaum
    Aritaum has a smaller scale than Olive and Young and they carry different products, like I-ope, Sulwhasoo, Hanyul , Laneige


Optional ( I have no time to do it – stuck in Myeongdong😅 😅):

*Lock your Love and Climb to the Top of N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is the best place to get bird’s eye views of the city, it’s standing 480 meters above sea level. Not only does it give you sweeping aerial views of Seoul, it’s where you can “lock your love” for all eternity as well. It’s located on Mt. Namsan and something you can easily pair with a trip to Myeongdong.

* Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

It was designed by the late Zaha Hadid, who also created the 2012 Olympic aquatic centre in London and the Guangzhou Opera House in China. This place is incredible. If you like design, any kind of design, then you need to put Dongdaemun Design Plaza, or DDP for short, in your itinerary. It’s like a museum, design supermarket, and space ship all rolled into one.

Drop me a comment if you have any questions, will do another post for food and shopping in Seoul 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸


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