Jeju Day 2 – Afternoon

Canola Fields @ Mount Sanbang 

We are lucky to be able to catch Canola and cherry blossoms at the same time, Mount Sanbang located nearby the Yongmeori Coast, you could park at Mount Sanbang car park area and walk to Yongmeori Coast.

Mount Sanbang and Yongmeori Coast

Mount Sanbang and Yongmeori Coast taken with DJI Spark


Yongmeori Beach 

One of the most impressive of Jeju’s natural sites and Highlight of my Jeju Trip. You could find many woman divers sell their catch along the coast near the entrance. These ladies were the famous Jeju Island deepsea divers. They dive without oxygen tanks.

The walk along the cliffs was really nice, the rock formations are gigantic and naturally formed, it’s really amazing.

Yongmeori Coast looks as if a dragon’s head is going underwater. This area is made of Sa-am stacks, built up over millions of years. It is the place where the mountain dips into the sea at the Yongmeori Beach. Formed out of the natural piling of stacks of ‘Sa-am’ that have been occurring for millions of years, the locals equate the formation of the Yongmeori Cliffs in Jeju with the image of a dragon’s head going into the ocean for a dip. You will be walking beside the water and it can get slippery sometimes.


We want to go to Camelia Hill after but it’s already closed, otherwise, it is another good spot to catch Camelia in Seowiqpo; some other people choose to go to Teddy Bear Museum, but I definitely choose Yongmeori Beach over Teddy Bear.

After, it took us around 1 hour to go back to Jeju City.  We found a nice noodle restaurant nearby our hotel, Jamae Guksu : 6, Wollang-ro 4-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do ; 63098

we ordered Bibim Guksu (비빔국수 / mixed spicy noodles) and Gogi Guksu (고기국수 / pork noodle soup). It was really delicious! And each cost us  @ 7000 KRW

Bibim Guksu was delicious perfect for a hot summer in Jeju. It is a cold noodle with some pork belly slices and had a mixture of kimchi cabbage, lettuce, cucumber,  and bean sprouts.

Gogi Guksu, which  I heard one of the traditional food of Jeju, came with some slices of pork belly in light milky pork broth.

We went back to our hotel with happy tummy 🙂

Really tasty noodle, good food to end our day 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


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