Jeju and Seoul Transportation

I went to Seoul in early April 2018 to catch a Cherry Blossom’s season. Initially, I plan to join the tour, but since it is so not flexible with the plan and I am running out of time, I decided to organize everything by myself. The journey in total took ten days, and we spent four days three night in Jeju and the rest of the time in Seoul.

The international flight usually will arrive/ depart from Incheon Airport; there is another airport, where the local trips typically arrive/ depart from called Gimpo Airport. If you are planning to go to Jeju Island, you will need to leave from Gimpo Airport.
I was quite nervous about the transportation system in Seoul, since I travel with my Mom. However, it is without any reason as their transportation system is excellent.

We arrived in Incheon Airport, Seoul around 7 am in the morning, and our flight to Jeju is from Gimpo at 11.50 am, it is plenty of time as we only need 1 hour to travel between Incheon and Gimpo Airport.
Here are some options to travel between Incheon and Gimpo Airport :

  • AREX ( Airport Railroad Express) – Internation Airport Level B1
    • Take all stop train ( Blue Colour approx time 50 mins –  1 hour ( include walking time )
    • The  fare will be only 3,800 won for an adult passenger
  • Limousine Bus ( from the Incheon Airport )
    • Shuttle bus no 6105 proceed to  Bus Stop 3B or Bus Stop 10A at 1st floor of the terminal building after your arrival. There is a bus departing from here to Gimpo Airport every 15 minutes to 25 minutes.  It will go straight to Gimpo Airport without stopping at any other stop. Approx time 40 mins – 1 hour
      The bus ticket fare for bus 6105 from Incheon Airport to Gimpo airport is only 7,500won for adult passenger and 5,000won for child
  • Taxi

There are a few local airlines travel to Jeju from Gimpo Airport :

  • T Way
  • Jeju Air
  • Eastar Jet
  • Jin Air
  • Korean Air
  • Asiana Airlines

You could go to to find the best deal and go to their official website to purchase the tickets.

If you plan to use public transportation, you should :

  • download the application: KAKAO Taxi; Kakao MAP; NAVER MAP; KOREA RAIL and Seoul.
  • Purchase a T-Money; it is similar to EZ- Link Card in Singapore, where you need to tap in and tap out every time you go into the Subway / Bus. They have a lot of cute card design; you could buy the card in the subway or at the convenience store like CU / Seven Eleven.

It is quite easy to move around in Jeju Island using Kakao Taxi, Kakao Taxi is an application that similar to UBER or GRAB (Korean version). You will need to ensure that you are at the exact location as sometimes the GPS is not precise.

If you plan to use a driver + car in Jeju, its approximately cost you around 150,000 won for good 8-9 hours, additional hour charge at 20,000- 30,000 won per hour.
My driver during this trip is Mr. Kang ( could contact him at Whats App: +82 10-3698-2053), I also found the other contact Mr. Ji-yeon Jang, but he is unavailable during my trip, you could reach him at +82 10-6558-1267

In Seoul finding the taxi in the roadside is easier instead using a Kakao Taxi, I like to use a bus in Seoul as I don’t need to walk so far (the bus stop is everywhere) and I could have a good city view from the bus.

You could also rent a driver +car in Seoul for 8 hours it will cost you around 240,000 won, I opt this out since its only 2 of us, and the public transportation in Seoul is excellent ( except not every subway got the lift if you carry a lot of heavy luggage/ shopping bag).

If you want to go from Gimpo Airport to the Dongdaemun/ Myeongdong, do take a limousine bus 6021, its located just outside Domestic Terminal 1F, it will cost you 7,000 won and approximately 40 minutes. Do check the stops before as the stops from Gimpo Airport is not as many as the bus from Incheon.

From/to Incheon to /from Myeong Dong you could take bus no. 6001, make sure to check the stops before going!

The Limousine bus stop from and to Incheon could be found here:

Hope it helps!








2 thoughts on “Jeju and Seoul Transportation

  1. Hi Cil, care to share your tour itinerary? Mine is early Nov, but 9 days only, planning for 3 night in Jeju and 5 night in Seoul. Thanks


    1. Hi Mario ! Sure;
      3 days in Jeju :
      Day 1 : Black Pork Street; Jeju University Street; Jeju City
      Day 2 :
      Private Tour West Coast Trip
      Day 3 :
      YEHA Tour East Coast Trip
      4th Day : flying to Seoul
      Day 4 : MyeongDong + Shinshigae
      Day 5 : Yeouido Park & Mural Village
      Day 6 : Gyeongbukgung Palace and Bukchon Village+ Dongdaemun
      Day 7 : Everland + Myeongdong
      Day 8 : Nami Island + Dongdaemun
      Day 9 : go back
      Will update the itinerary detail in the blog ; just follow this blog and you will be notified when the new post is up 🙂


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